Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Second Ravenclaw Winner

I had to sneak the Sorting Hat out of Professor Wartbobble's office, but all the names have been placed in the Hat and our winner for Ravenclaw's 2nd House Quiz has been pulled out! She is none other than our very own:

Ingrid Ze Insightful

Well done Ingrid!! My Eurasian Eagle Owl, Seva, will be soaring your way very shortly with some goodies! CONGRATS!!


Andromache Tonks said...

Congratulations, Ingrid! :)

K Johnston said...

Oh, my gosh!! No way!!

*does the happy dance*

YAAAAAAAAY!! You have just totally made my day!! :D Now I won't be so grumpy grading these muggle final exams! ^_^ Ooooh, I look forward to meeting Seva! (: