Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Daily Prophet, Issue 7

Many, many things for this Daily Prophet.

Swap Partner Notifications
By now you should have received your swap partner notification. If you have not, please contact your prefect. Some of us have been caught up with many, many things that decided to schedule themselves at the same time as the launch of this swap. Can you imagine?? Well, things do happen, so we shall be patient, right?

Logo Points
For many of you this will be a non-issue because you already have the HSKS 5 logo on your blogs, but for those of you that don't, this next opportunity to earn house points will be your chance to get the logo up on your blogs.

The HSKS 5 Logo is another way of drawing outsiders to the swap, so that next term they may be interested in joining. Free advertisement, in other words. I know that many of you wrote up an advertisement last week, and I am extremely grateful, but putting the swap logo on your site is very important to me and the continuation of HSKS. I will get those previously earned points posted tomorrow so that you can see where your house stands so far.
So, without further ado:

The logo must be placed in your side bar and linked to either this blog or the main HSKS site. Preferably the main site, because it answers so many questions that someone might have concerning the swap. A former Professor here at Hogwarts posted a very nice tutorial on linking an image using a free image storage site such as Flickr. Please visit Miss Mandy's blog for more information. Each person will earn 5 House points for posting the image to their side bar by this Saturday, May 17th.

Dueling Club
For more information on the Dueling Club please visit the main HSKS site. Sign ups for the Dueling Club will be by email on Friday, May 16th. I will give more information about it then, so please visit the main HSKS site to see if you are interested in joining us on a crazy knitting adventure. You do not have to be a fast knitter for this game. If anything it will really help you to challenge and grow your skills as a knitter.

No Hogwartly Happenings tonight since I'm on my way to the night job. I just wanted to get this out before going to work. Have a great day everyone!!


Lavender A said...

Did a death eater steal the 6th issue of the Daily Prophet? Ursula had better get cracking on those owl-protection charms.

Emma Scrimgeour said...

Ok I did what the blog said to do the HTML and all I have is the code not the actual pic BUT I do have the picture of the logo it's just not a link it's self SO CONFUSED!

Cecilia said...

Lavender, I'm so glad I'm not the only one who scrolled down looking for it. And didn't find it.