Thursday, May 15, 2008


In an effort to more easily provide angel kits to anyone who may not receive a kit from his/her spoiler, we are going to try something new. Last term we, unfortunately, ended up needing 6 angel kits. That was definitely 6 more than we should have needed. Hopefully we will not ever have to deal with that situation again.

As you are all aware, a basic kit includes a handmade item (preferably a bag), knitting needles, stitch markers, and a pattern. If you are able and willing to contribute one or more of the above items, please email Wisteria and/or your Prefect for instructions on where to send your contribution. Please feel free to also contribute those little extras people like to receive as well -- don't feel you have to limit yourself to the elements of a basic kit. We would like to receive the contributions as early as possible in the term so we can fill in whatever is missing. Any and all contributions will be used first to provide angel kits. Anything not used in an angel kit will be used as Hogwarts prizes (not House prizes) for Quidditch and all the "best" awards at the end of the term.

Our aim in asking for contributions from everyone at Hogwarts is to avoid putting the additional responsibility, time and expense of providing one or more additional kits at the end of the term on a few individuals. If we can somehow share the expense, it will be a win/win situation for everyone.

If anyone has any questions, please email Wisteria.


knitting by kaae eller bare Charlotte said...

I would love to be at helpe, if it is needed. :)

Anonymous said...

another Puff here & like Kaae I can send a few little things to help out :)

Fleur Dolohov said...

Do items like bags need to be in house colors or can they be any color?

Wisteria Lovegoods said...

Bag can be totally at your discretion. We won't know what house someone who gets an angel kit will come from. Therefore, I think it could be any color or combination of colors...maybe a combination of Hogwarts colors. Or, a bag in specific house colors could be used as a Hogwarts prize to someone from a specific house. I'm leaving the decisions up to you! I know everything will be appreciated.

Penelope of Flitwick said...

I would love to help just let me know.