Saturday, May 10, 2008

Daily Prophet, Issue 3

Happy Weekend, students!!

Because sign ups for this term are now closed, let me take this opportunity to welcome you all to Hogwarts and the Hogwarts Sock Kit Swap 5! This term promises to be even better than the last with many new things popping into play. With much fun comes much responsibility, so there are a few things that I would like you to keep in the forefront of your minds in the coming weeks.

Blogging - This is an extremely important part of HSKS. You do not have to make your posts long. You just have to post. We need to know that you have HSKS and your swap partner on your mind. We don't know that if we do not see you among the 'halls' of Hogwarts. In the past some have snuck off to Hogsmeade or were captured by Death Eaters - never to be seen again. Their sudden absence would worry their house mates as well as their swap partners. Please don't let this happen to you this term. Stay close to Hogwarts and participate.

House Competition - Many at Hogwarts take the competition between houses very seriously and when their house mates do not participate in earning points for their house the competitive feel let down. There are weekly quizzes that give you fodder for posting as well as a story line that is usually carried on via the main blog, and sometimes carried over several blogs. Pay attention and you can easily be caught up in the mischievousness around here. House quizzes do not earn points for your house, but they do earn you the chance to earn one of the many prizes that will be given out this term.

The goal of this swap is to make new friends, receive a wonderful kit and, of course, win the Quidditch Tournament!!

Being Dropped From This Swap or Banned From Future Swaps
This is very important for everyone to understand. At Hogwarts we are very strict on teaching our students the importance of honorable character traits, such as integrity and honestly. We believe in a promise given is a promise to be held to. With that said
  • If there is no post on your blog within a 14 day period you will be dropped from the swap. If you decide to post on the 15th day you will still be dropped from the swap. Allowances can be made, but there has to be a very good reason and communication between yourself, the prefects, and the headmistress is crucial.
  • No contact + no posting = Dropped from the swap - No exceptions.
  • If you do not contact your partner within a 14 day period you will be dropped from the swap. Please do not baulk! We are only asking that you have communication with your partner 2 times a month. That is not hard.
  • If you do not send all the items required for your package you will be banned from future swaps.
  • If your package arrives at it's destination after August 1st you will be banned from future swaps. This swap lasts two and a half months. That is plenty of time to complete your package and get in the mail so that it will reach it's destination in time.
As the swap draws to a close the prefects and I will be very active in our follow up - very active! So, the less you communicate about the status of your package the more emails you will receive from us. We absolutely hate the fact that anyone would not hold up their end of the bargain and fail to send a package or send a partial package. To encourage everyone to be diligent in getting their packages ready early we've set up Dumbledore's Army and will have several incentives to nudge you all along. This will be fun! You'll see.

Okay, that is the extent of my 'bad news - downer' messages for a while. Also, take note that most important messages will be posted here and not on Ravelry because there are a few members that found us through other swap notification sites.

Early House Points
These will be totaled and the results posted by Monday evening.

Questions? We have answers.
All of the prefects are second years with the exception of the Deputy Headmistress who is a 3rd year. So, any questions that you might have feel free to ask the prefects. If they cannot find the answer they will either ask me or Wisteria, the Deputy Headmistress.

International Students
This note is mainly for those living in Finland, Sweden, and Germany. If your name is linked to your muggle blog please write your posts in both your native language and in English. Your partner or house mates will have a hard time getting to know you if you do not post in English. Thank you!

Posting to This Blog
Everyone will receive an invitation to post to this blog between Sunday evening and Monday evening. Second years - I ask that you refrain from any word games for a while. We need to make sure that people are not missing the important messages from me and the prefects. Try to keep most of your posting on your own blogs - Thank you.

Mother's Day
I'm not sure if this is an International holiday or not, but definitely for those in the States tomorrow is Mother's Day. I hope that all of you who are mothers would have a wonderfully relaxing day!


Queen Frysia said...

Happy Mother's Day to Everyone!

Arabella Moody said...

No names games, I promise! I did those last term to keep the excitement up a bit when everyone disappeared the last 2 weeks. :)

Can't wait for the games to begin!

Emma Wigworthy said...

Woohoo - very excited witch checking in!
Happy Mother's Day to those of you where it is!! (it was in March in the UK) - I hope all you mothers have been thoroughly spoilt by grateful offspring, and loving partners.