Monday, June 30, 2008

Thank you!

I received an owl today, bearing my kit from Cassandra Grubbly-Plank. She has done the house of Gryffindor proud with the time, caring, and planning that she put into making this kit for me, and I would definitely like to nominate her for the Best Kit award.

Please come over to my blog and see what she sent!

Dumbledore's Army

To refresh your memories, DA points are earned as follows:

Posting Weekly ~ 5 pts. each week (60 total)
Communicating with your spoilee weekly ~ 5pts. each week (60 total)
Completing the handmade portion by July 2nd. ~ 10 pts.
Mailing your package early - by July 11th. ~ 20 pts.
Sending all that is required in the package ~ 10 pts.
Sending more than one package ~ 5 pts.
Sending an e-card to your Spoilee ~ 5 pts. (you only get credit once)

The deadline has already passed but if you posted the HSKS5 logo to your blog, that's another 5 pts.

As the Headmistress mentioned in a previous daily prophet, we're not counting
"Including something specific to your pals likes in their package ~ 10 pts."
because it's really subjective.

Updated (for the last time) points levels for each badge:
The maximum amount of points you can earn for DA is 175, so the old numbers were too low. Under the old system you could earn an Outstanding without even fulfilling the requirements to blog weekly and contact your spoilee weekly! Badges should only go to swappers who fulfill all the requirements of the swap, with Os and Es going to people who really go above and beyond the basic requirements. Therefore,

Acceptable = 110 - 125 pts.
Exceeds Expectations = 130 - 145 pts.
Outstanding = 150 pts or more

If you blog weekly and contact your spoilee weekly, you will easily earn an A. For an E, you'll need to do a little something extra besides, and to earn and O you will need to earn most of the DA points. It's a little harder to earn the badges, but when you get one it will truly reflect that you put a lot of effort into your swaps.

As it stands right now the most points you can possibly have is 125, because there are 5 weeks left to the swap. 5 weeks of blogging points plus 5 weeks of contact points = 50 pts, and 175 - 50 = 125. Therefore, the following levels reflect the badge you will earn if you blog and contact your spoilee weekly for the rest of the swap. A's have 60 points or more (110-50), E's 80 or higher (130-50) and O's 100 or more (50-50).

On their way to an Acceptable Badge...
Abigail Zinerva
Avada Abraxam
Belladonna Boomslang
Cressida Townsbury
Morgana Black
Penelope of Flitwick

Antonio dela Weasley
Clidonia Acromantula
Ferula Vector
Madam Ferula Finnegan
Penelope Willow
Selena Starfire
Ursula Longbottom

Agatha Ackerly
Agatha Vablatsky
Allitrya Spelling
Cecilia Kettleburn
Chrysta the Cursed
Emma Ravenclaw
Emma Wigworthy

Ingrid ze Insightful
Patonga Pinkstone
Stuart Cauldwell

Ariadne Malfoy
Catriona Lestrange
Ceciley Fortescue
DanAzraella Daemonova
Emma Gorodok
Esmerelda Beanswallow
Lily of Flitwick
Lucretia Plunkett
Madam Ferula McGonagall
Matilda Edgecombe
Narcissa Shrivelfigs
Ophelia Crookshanks
Perenelle Cauldwell

On their way to an Exceeds Expectations Badge...
Cassandra Grubby-Plank
Celestina Densaugeo
Lady Felula the Forgetful
Laeita Khandylle Haxloeffen-Barnoell
Lizzie Wychwood
Millicent Brocklehurst
Ophelia Ballycastle
Rowena Bladvak

Calliope Candleworth
Eleanor Wigworthy
Electra the Enchanting
Emma Kettleburn
Kaaelana Lassanda Allianda
Lavender Ackerly
Lily Clearwater

Daisy Finnigan
Elanor Cadogan
Emma Scrimgeour
Minerva Kwikspell
Miranda Moonstone
Ophelia Hopkirk
Wisteria Lovegood

Andromeda Finch-Fletchley
Arabella Moody
Enid Black
Enna Kirts
Lavender Diggory-Dolohov
Perpetua Phoenixfire

On their way to an Outstanding Badge...
Calliope Smethwyck
Fiera Firenze
Jalanna Kedavra
Lavender Durmstrang

Daisy Chang
Emerald Rosmerta
Fleur Dolohov

Andromache Tonks
Bella Shacklebolt
Cassandra Puddlemere
Daisy Scrimgeour
Megaera Black
Queen Frysia

Any questions, especially if you think I got your points wrong, please email lavackerly at gmail dot com.

ETA: 6 or 7 people have had their badges changed so don't worry if you're not listed yet!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Kit of all KITS!

Y'all, I got the very coolest kit EVER from my spoiler, 1st year Gryf, Fiera Firenze. I'd like to nominate her for Best Kit!!! Check out pics on my blog here. Fiera, you've outdone yourself! I (and of course, the cats) thank you!!!

Magical creatures at Hogwarts

These lovely ladies were walking around the RavenClaw Tower

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Dumbledore's Army is coming...

Dumbledore's Army points will be posted Monday. Sorry if you have been looking for them sooner!

Package received!!

I posted about my wonderful package on my blog. Thank you, Daisy, and I'm sorry that I didn't get to posting sooner!!


I received this great package yesterday as I was on my way out the door and needed to thank her publicly. More info and pics in my blog

Look what Antonio sent me!

My wonderful spoiler Antonio sent this little "pre-kit" of goodies to me yesterday along with an order I placed from his uncle Vincenzo's Magical Fiber Shop on Diagon Alley! The beautiful beaded item is a row counter! I'm still learning how to use it, but I'm sure it will help to keep me on track when going round and round on my socks!

THANK YOU so much Antonio!

Friday, June 27, 2008


I got my kit from Lav. D of Gryff. I have to go to work now though so I will post pics tonight. She sent me some of her own yarn and its is yummie

Hufflepuff House Quiz #5

Hello Hufflepuffs! This week's house quiz is in Transfiguration. Transfigure the following quote from Order of the Phoenix back into English and post it to your blog by noon (est) on Tuesday, July 1st.


(I've never made a cryptogram before, so let me know if this is too hard and I'll post a clue.)

This week's prize is donated by our favorite Barista, Clidonia Acromantula - 1 lb of Starbucks coffee! Or tea if you prefer. Sorry Minee, Ravenclaws can't win the Hufflepuff Quiz, but you're welcome to try the puzzle :)

In other house news, check out what Emerald and Selena cooked up at our last chat!

Huzzah Hufflepuff!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The (sometime) Daily Prophet

Hello, all!!

It's been eons since I've written you last. I've been in the deepest, deepest depths of Hogwarts with nary a minute to spare. I spent all of 20 minutes at my house yesterday in between two jobs, two soccer games, and a mid-week church service. Winnie loves her husband because he helps me soooo much!! Wednesdays are very busy, but I'm glad that I was able to fit in a little Snotch hunting for you all. It seems that more than just the Ravenclaws have some smarts in their heads. Very, very good job, Centy!

Okay, now for some business!

House Points

You will all notice a change in the percentages because I had to re-work the numbers. I entered the first two weeks of posting into my database wrong. Gasp!!! Could it be?? Yes, I did. Sorry about that. Let me see if I can explain what I did. Of course, this means that I will have to give you a better explanation of the points all around.

Click on image to see a larger picture

We're going to use Gryffindor as an example since they are first on my sheet. So, what happens is all houses are able to earn points through various activities. During the posting weeks you are only able to maintain or lose points based on who does not post that week. For each person that does not post that is a negative 10 points. During the Quidditch weeks the possible points include the 150 Snitch points. What I do, after both the possible points and the actual points have been determined, is divide the actual points by the possible points to get the percentage of participation. The reason that points are reflected in percentages? Because previous to this swap the houses did not have such an even population, so I had to show the percentage of participation rather than the points.

What I did in the first two weeks of posting was to add the number of posters by 10. What I was supposed to do was to subtract the number of people that did not post by 10. So, basically, Tuesday night I went through the whole sheet and standardized the numbers so that I made sure that I added everything that I was supposed to and subtract whatever I needed to. Thus, the change in the percentages. This actually lowered everyone's percentage, but it did it evenly across the board. You are basically still in the same place in relation to each other. And now, the points:

Previous Percentages

Gryffindor 74%

Hufflepuff 98%

Ravenclaw 90%

Slytherin 93%

Current percentages

1st place ~ Hufflepuff ~ 99%

2nd place ~ Slytherin ~ 82%

3rd place ~ Ravenclaw ~ 79%

4th place ~ Gryffindor ~ 75%

Dumbledore's Army Points
These points will be updated soon and posted by Lavender Ackerly. You badges will be sent out to you this weekend. Each badge will be personalized with your Potter name.
We are taking away the points for "Sending something specific to your pals tastes" because what one defines as specific another will not think so. Because that one was so fuzzy we've decided to eliminate it.

Tracking numbers
When you email your tracking numbers, please send a copy to your prefects email address, so that they can have a copy, but also to me and Lavender Ackerly at lavackerly AT Lavender will be entering the numbers into the database.
Why do we need the tracking numbers? For proof that you sent your package, because last term 3 packages got lost and the tracking number lets us know that your pal wasn't a flake - the post office was just inept, and in order to qualify for any of the contests that we give out prizes for, you have to have proof of delivery that your package was sent by July 11th. If you want to be entered in the Best Kit contest you will also need to take a picture of your package and send along with your tracking number. If we can't see your package then we can't vote on it.

Gryffindor House Quiz

Hello Gryffindors. Here's a little fun quiz for you. Hope you enjoy it!
  1. Who is your favorite member of the Order of the Phoenix?
  2. Favorite person at Hogwarts?
  3. Favorite spell or charm to use?
  4. Best and worst classes at Hogwarts?
  5. Favorite flower?
  6. What is your beverage of choice? Coffee, tea, latte, soda/pop?
  7. Favorite muggle music?
  8. How many family members do you have?
  9. What do you do on your summer vacation? What is your Favorite vacation ever taken?
  10. What is your favorite subject at Hogwarts? Why?
  11. How many pairs of shoes (footwear) do you have? Which are your favorite pair?
  12. How many projects do you have OTN (on the needles)?
  13. What is the oldest project you're working on and when did you cast it on?
  14. Favorite food(s)?

This assignment is due by Monday night 9pm ET. AND thanks Ophelia B for coming up with much of it!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


All Ravenclaws congratulate Gryffindor and Centy for a very challenging match! You deserve to roar!

Huzzah Gryffindor!!!

Badger 1: Congratulations Gryffindor!!!!!!!

Badger 2: I'm just Eye Candy


Nice snitch hunting!!

Do you mind sharing the meaning of the clue and what the next clue would have been?

Thank and Congrats again!

Congratulations Gryffindor!

That was fun!! My heart is still racing! Well done Centy for cracking that clue - a well-deserved win!

ROAR Gryffindor

Thank you CentyB!!!

Congrats to Gryffindor!!!

How exciting!! Gryffindor definitely needed the boost. Their house earns a 150 snitch point bonus. Congrats also goes to Millicent Brocklehurst who is also one of our Head Girls :)

Three Cheers for Gryffindor!

A Rhyme, A Clue

As the sun sits high
Many swappers are searching the skies
For the little ball of yellow
That is anything but mellow

With sure fingers they click the mouse
some will be kwik to catch the snitch
while others will just be arriving at their house

A few will utter curses such as
"Gosh darn Diggory!!" or "What the Shacklebolt!!"
Still others will guide their mouse with a sure hand
That will lead them with a hop to the beautiful church of Scotland.
(Well, the rhyming couldn't go on forever!)

Haven't found the Snitch? Keep looking. That last clue should arrive soon. At least within the hours that were previously stated.
Post the link to the comments here when you've found it.

WE shall defend our tower

we shall protect our rivers


Snakes and eagles and badgers. OH MY!

Tired of waiting!

here is one for Slytherin


Bad breath is a perfectly valid weapon. Cause then all we have to do is ROOOOOOAAAAR!!!!!!!!
if you are eating Eagles they must be dead all ready.
That or your breath knocked us out. :)


Huzzah Hufflepuffs!

Nothing to see here, folks ... move along, the Hufflepuffs have got it all under control!!

From eating too many eagles!
Tooth decay?

Now this is just getting ridikkulus!

SERIOULSy, i thought you were more fierce
are you sure you are not SKUNKS??

the badger army is amassing

Here we come!

starting aerial assault in t-minus 2minutes
Eagles, prune your flight feathers!!!!!!!!!!!



Snag that Snitch Slytherin!

Let's Soar Ravenclaw

It's our time, Ravenclaw!
Mount those brooms and get ready to capture that elusive golden snitch!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Socks, Snitches, My 2 Knuts

Emotions ran a little high this week. It happens with those of us who are passionate about what we do and Harry Potter fans are nothing if not passionate. But in it all, lets not forget that this is supposed to be fun and it is all a game. The friendships and sharing that happens here are much more important than any game or prize. Our greatest prize are the friends that we've made here. (That sounds so Dumbledore doesn't it?)

Anyways, this is my 2nd time with this swap and I'm having a great time with it. Jenean is a fantastic headmistress and swap organizer. She goes above and beyond to make it a fun experience for everyone. I honestly believe her choices are made with the best interest of all involved. Unfortunately you can't please 100% of the people 100% of the time. You just do the best you can.

Like I said, these swaps have been great experiences for me. It's gotten me passionate about sock knitting again. I've attempted making stitch markers. I've not only attempted hand-painted sock yarn, but I've opened an Etsy shop featuring my sock yarn. So now I am an indie yarn dyer. Who would have thought it? And right now, on my sock needles is the 2nd sock from the Hufflepuff yarn I got from swap 4 and I can't wait to finish them so I can wear them and post pics of them. Some HP fandom friends are getting married in September, I'll be wearing my Hufflepuff socks to the wedding!

Enough of my ramblings, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who makes these swaps happen. And to everyone involved who shares our love of socks and Harry Potter. Dobby the house elf would be very proud of us all :-)

Vince aka Antonio dela Weasley

Be An Angel

Reminder: If you are considering donating items for possible angel kits, I would like to receive them no later than July 19. Anything not used in an angel kit will be used for Hogwarts Prizes at the end of the swap. Recipients will thank you profusely! Please contact me if you have any questions.

Thanks to Emma Scrimgeour!!!

Emma's owl flew in with my swap package this morning, and if you want to see what she sent fly on over to my blog. Thanks so much Emma!!!!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

House Point Update!

Okay, everyone!
It's time to update the points after our big Quidditch weekend. These percentages include the posting points from the week before also.

1st place ~ Hufflepuff ~ 98%

2nd place ~ Slytherin ~ 93%

3rd place ~ Ravenclaw ~ 90%

4th place ~ Gryffindor ~ 74%

Hufflepuff Quiz #4 - and the winner is...

After a lot of complicated Arithmantical calculations and deceiphering of Ancient Runes, the winner of the 4th Hufflepuff House Quiz is Emerald Rosmerta

Congrats Emerald! Your prize is a skein of hand dyed yarn from Calliope Candleworth.

Quiz #5 will be posted soon Hufflepuffs, so stay sharp ;)

Huzzah Hufflepuff!!!

- Lavender

Hugs for the Headmistress

I would like to add my agreement at how great our headmistress is. This swap is so great that it has made other swaps I have been in pale in comparison. Competition is always very big in this swap and usually after quidditch there are 3 houses that are dissapointed they didn't win. After quidditch yesterday I had to admit this one thing....I really stink at Quidditch, which really is not a surprise :) I wasn't counting on joining the Harpies or anything after graduation.
For my part I don't think we need to have another round, but if we have it I will do my best to play.

I think instead of another round of quidditch, we should have a feast and do some inter-house socializing. I'll bring the butter beer!!! Emma

Three Cheers for Headmistress Wartbobble!

I would like to take this opportunity to say "Thank You" to our wonderful Headmistress. I think we all need to take a little step back and look at this swap for what it really is.... A lot of fun. I can't even begin to imagine the amount of work that goes into organizing and maintaining something like this. And, keep in mind, she does it all on her own time!!! This isn't her job you know, this is something she's created for FUN. This is my second HSKS swap, and I'm having a lot of fun, I hope that the rest of you are too. Soooo, THREE CHEERS FOR HEADMISTRESS WARTBOBBLE! Thank you so much, you are doing a great job!!!

Oh, and for the record, we didn't get snitch-release clues during the last swap, we just got the release time..... and besides, the headmistress did say that this Quidditch round would be different from the last. So, relax people, it's just a game. :)

Let's Play!

I wholeheartedly agree that the snitch hunt yesterday was perfectly fair! Indeed, I was quite amused when I realised what a wally I'd been hanging out waiting for a clue instead of searching the blogs. So - no complaints here!

I also think that as her headmistressness has decreed that there will be another snitch hunt for further points, then we should play the game and do that. It is my intention to have a blast hunting, and I promise to let lots of eagle droppings fall on the robes, and as much bare flesh as possible, of my fellow competitors from Other Houses!

Ixnay on the Itchsnay!

Headmistress, please do not do a second release of the Snitch just to appease a few disgruntled swappers. Think about the crap that releasing a second snitch could stir up! There will always be someone to cry foul--it's a competetive swap with competetive participants! It is what it is. The luck this time is with the Hufflepuffs. Last term it was with the Gryffindors. Everyone is just going to have to get over it. There are lessons for everyone in the way it went down yesterday. Let it stand and move forward. I, frankly, would rather see you spend your time updating the House points and giving out the DA awards that some of us have worked so hard to earn and that the Prefects are working so hard to track. Please, I beseech thee! :)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

2nd Releasing of the Snitch

Because there are a few frustrated students there will be a second releasing of the snitch this Wednesday, June 25th, between the hours of 11 a.m. PST and 1 p.m. PST.

The way the snitch is released changes because I want everyone to be on an even playing ground, including those that have a better knowledge of how images are stored and posted. In the past I gave either a specific time or a window. This time I gave a specific time. I almost put up a post that said that the Snitch has been released, but honestly, if I had done that the Snitch probably would have been found before I even got done posting. The snitch, this time around was found within less than 1 minute from the time that I posted it.

So, for the next snitch we will go back to giving clues because everyone seems to like that. Here are the release times for Wednesday, June 25th:

11 a.m. - 1 p.m. PST

2 p.m. - 4 p.m. EST

7 p.m. - 9 p.m. London

Because there will be a clue you can expect the clue to be posted on this site in between those times.

Note: This 2nd releasing does not discount Sunday's release. Huffles will still retain the points earned today. Wednesdays release is just an attempt to give all houses a chance to search for the snitch under the same conditions as the first release. Consider the 2nd release of round two bonus points.

Off To Diagon Alley

Well I am headed to Diagon Alley for a little shopping therapy!
Hope you all have a great day!


congrats to Hufflepuff from Slytherin!

Very quick and sly, just like a Slytherin.


We were all chilling in the Ravenclaw common room, waiting for the snitch to be released! Thought Winnie's post was the first clue!! Will we ever learn that quidditch is not the same from one round to the next?

Congratulations Selena of Hufflepuff for being smarter!!

some thoughts...

First of all, congrats Selena

Honestly, I'm a bit pissed now, I had expected to be an explanation how the hunting would go this time. Just a sentence in the post about the release time would have been enough to let us all know if there were hints again or if we had to randomly look for the snitch. And I have waited for a prompt that the snitch was released, like last time.

So, please, tell us next time in advance how the rules are.

And don't get me wrong, I'm not pissed because Hufflepuff found the snitch and not Slytherin, the hunting was just no fun this time and as this is a game, it is supposed to be fun. I can't be the only one to feel like this

Well Done!

Congrats to Hufflepuff and Selena!

Gryffindor Congratulates Hufflepuff

and Miss Selena Starfire on her locating the Snitch !


I'm going to be late for the care of my little magical creature!

The Winner IS . . . . .

Selena of Hufflepuff!!!


socks are on....

good, that will slow down your feet as you run through the blogs...;)

kind of hard to keep socks on four feet....

Quidditch Socks are on!

Just to get you drooling!

Go Ravenclaw!!

Eek! I need the password too!! Vivianne212000 at yahoo dot com


You Badgers should not look up at the sky when birds are flying by....



Puff Power!

Come on Puffs! We have to defend our position!
i think i need to take a short flight up high and do some aerial targeting.

Go Claws Go!!

Ravenclaw will SOAR to victory today!!
We'll fly with the glint of the Snitch in our talons!!


this is agonizing!

Go Gryffindor

Seeker reporting in for duty.

Fly away Ravenclaw
Hustle off Hufflepuff
Slither away Slytherin

Calling All Gryffindors

Seems that Ravenclaw and Slytherin are all ready for the match.
Go Gryffindors!!!!

No way

Slytherins never will go out of your way... it's our turn to find the snitch
Go away Slytherin!!!


I seem to be locked out of the Ravenclaw Common Room--could someone please email me at allitryaspelling AT yahoo DOT com and tell me what the password is? I'd appreciate it!


EDIT: Thank you, Emma Wigworthy and Nicola! =)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Good Luck!

I want to wish every one Good Luck in the Quidditch match tomorrow.
Especially my fellow Gryffindors.

Kit Progress Check ~ Early Receive Date July 11th

We are 3 - yes, that is only three - weeks away from the early receive date of July 11th. In order for your kit to be entered into any of the contests that we'll have later you must have your kit received by this date!

To whet your whistle or spark your appetite for prizes these are the one's that you may be eligible for:

Best Swap Package

Best Character Blog Award

Most Consistent Blogger Award

and this term we'll also have

Best Spoiler Award

You will have a chance in a couple of weeks to nominate your spoiler and we'll draw the name out of the sorting hat to choose the winner.

But, remember! To be eligible your package must be received by July 11th. Just for sanity's sake I'll also mention here that the swap ends July 25th. That means that all packages should be received by this date.

Snitch Release Time

Hello, everyone!

I have vasilated about what time I will be releasing the Snitch. I think in all of HSKS this will only be the second Sunday release.

I know that at least one person requested an early time because she will be getting on a plane later in the day, but many of us will be at church or sitting around boiling in the heat during the time that I had set earlier. I myself will be at church between the hours of 8:30 am PST and 11 am. So, at the risk of upsetting the masses I will be changing the release time for round two once again, and this will be final.

12 p.m. PST

3 p.m. EST

8 p.m. London
What time will the Snitch be released (please include time zone)?


Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Bella!

Very Happy Birthday to
Belladonna Boomslang

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Royal Mail!

My package arrived today from Queen Frysia - believe me when I say that this has to be the most amazing package ever, both in terms of quality and quantity. Take a look at my blog for the fun story of it's arrival and opening, and here is a taster photo for you...

I'm itching to start knitting the socks, must dash...!!!

Spoiled already

My swap package hasn't arrived yet, and I'm already feeling spoiled. I'll be moving to a different part of Ravenclaw Tower next week, and the lovely Cassandra Grubbly-Plank sent me a lovely package to keep me motivated while I'm packing up all of my belongings. She even borrowed an express owl to make sure I got it in plenty of time to put it to good use.

Come on over to my blog to see what she sent me! Thank you CGP!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bag Contest Winners!!

Such awesome bags came out of the competition! Thank you for putting your talents on display for us here at HSKS, participants!

Drum roll, please . . . .

1st Place is the
Phoenix Rising

2nd Place is the
Enchanted Kit Bag

3rd Place is the
Sorting Hat Bag

1st place will receive the bag that I'm designing (it's almost finished!) plus the pattern and supplies to make the bag of the runner up. Second place will receive a $15US certificate to their favorite online yarn merchant, and 3rd place will receive a hank of yarn. Gifts will be mailed in about two weeks.

Silly Muggles

Holy Hogwarts! Harry Potter game comes to life at Woodbury Field Day By Rebecca CorreaStaff writer
SALEM — There was a snitch running around Grant Field yesterday, but she didn't get into trouble.
That's because the eighth-grader was instructed by teachers to be as unobtrusive as possible and avoid being captured by her Woodbury Middle School peers.
Dubbing one student the "snitch" was all part of the school's annual Field Day, which now includes Quidditch matches.
Half the goal of Quidditch — a game straight out of the chapters of Harry Potter books — is to catch the snitch. In the popular science fiction books, the snitch is a small golden ball that flies above the field while a game is going on. Since Woodbury students aren't wizards and witches learning how to fly, the snitch was a student dressed with cloth wings.
The other half of the game resembles soccer, except students use their hands to throw a ball into a goal, instead of their feet.
While the sport and terminology may sound like a foreign language to outsiders, it's common speech to these middle-school students.
Elora Moeller, 14, said she's read the entire Harry Potter series — which consists of seven books — three times. But yesterday, she couldn't score a goal in Quidditch.
"It's harder than it looks," she said. "It's difficult."
While the game yesterday mirrored the way she pictured the game in the books, Elora said it could have been cooler if the students were actually allowed to hold broomsticks and act like they were flying, as the students at Hogwarts do in the books.
The idea to bring Quidditch to the school's Field Day, which is traditionally held at most schools during the last week of classes, came from music teachers Patrick Moeschen and Nicole Greene.
"We developed it because we saw it online," Moeschen said. "We saw some colleges and corporations are doing it, and thought it would be fun to add something new."
It turns out they were right.
Chris Bunker, 14, said it was the highlight of his day.
"It's different," he said. "It's something that you usually don't play so it's a lot of fun."
Chris was a "keeper," or goalie, and managed to stop all shots from getting in.
When a student scores a goal through the hula hoop-sized net, it's worth five points. If someone captures the snitch, it's worth 10.
"I think it's because I have good hand/eye coordination from playing tennis," Chris said.
But at the end of the game, when Elora's team won, she said it didn't even matter — it was just fun to play the game she's read about so much.
That sentiment was shared by many of her eighth-grade peers, who said although they will enter high school in the fall, the Harry Potter books and movies aren't any less appealing to them.
Elora said having read the books several times she likes them better than the movies that followed.
"They're so much better than the movies," she said. "There's so much they leave out of the movies that are in the books."
Kristina Carlson, 14, agreed and she's happy she read them all.
"It's something that can never happen, but it's fun to think it could and imagine it happening," she said.
taken from here


This week the names of the Ravenclaws who completed the House Quiz last week were put in Minee's cauldron of many colors. I wasn't sure what would come out of that cauldron but eventually the most vibrant colorful ribbon arose bearing the name of...............


Congratulations, Emma!

Slytherin House Quiz Winner and New Task

Good Morning Ladies,

The winner of the second Slytherin House Quiz issssssss

Lavender Diggory-Dolohov

Congratulations Lavender! Your prize will be winging its way to you shortly!

Next House quiz is as follows.

My spoiler, Daisy Finnigan, has given me a new sssssssnake for the pit! Your task is to come up with a name for him. Each one of you will submit a name by Sunday evening, 9pm EST. I will take the names sumbitted and post a poll on my blog. The winning name will be the winner of the 3rd Slytherin House Quiz!

Here is a picture of our new friend!

Happy Birthday Abigail!!!

Happy Birthday

Abigail Zinevra!!

I hope you have a fantastic day!
Many, many happy returns!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Officially and Utterly Spoiled

Daisy Finnigan you have truly outdone yourself! This package is amazing. Come visit me for pics!

Duel Club Round Two Patterns

Sock Bracket Pattern
So sorry, everyone! I posted this as I was leaving work and saved the wrong one into my favorites last night. Please, please forgive me. I know you're losing some precious knitting time.

RiverRapids Socks
Second Download Source

Hat Bracket Pattern
On the hat the 3" ribbed brim is optional.
Greenery Hat



Sunday, June 15, 2008

Duel club Round Two

Final word has been given!!! Round two for both brackets will begin. The round will begin tomorrow night at 5 p.m. PST.

Here is the tools list:

Hat Bracket
20st/26r = 4"
one ball of Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Forest Green Heather
4mm/US#6 12- or 16-inch circular and DPNs
cable needle
tapestry needle

Sock Bracket
7.5 stitches per inch
Needle Size: US 2 / 2.75 mm
Materials: 2 skeins sport weight wool, sample worked in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd
Sport #92 River

Bracket Chart
Miranda automatically moves on to round three because she does not have an opponent for round two.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bag Contest

Okay, here are the bags and here are the rules:


The bags will be listed on a special thread on the HSKS ravelry forum. To vote for a bag click love (1). I will not count anything else that is clicked. If you do not have a ravelry account send me an email with BAG VOTE in the subject line. If you vote on Ravelry, please do not send me a voting email also. Voting ends Monday, June 16th at midnight.






Friday, June 13, 2008

Thank you Ophelia Crookshanks!!

Ophelia sent me a wonderful gift today! Some Godric roving and an Interweave Knits magazine. She totally made my day!! Thank you so much!!!!

Thank you Megaera!

I received my swap kit from Megaera Black today.
Come check it out on my blog.
She is amazing.
I would like to officially nominate her for "Best Swap Package"
Seriously, she's awesome.

Gryffindor 2nd Quiz Winner!!

Ophelia Ballycastle

Congratulations Ophelia!!!

Thank you to everyone else who participated! We'll be having our 3rd quiz after the next round of Quidditch. Good Luck!!!

Double Birthdays Today!

Happy, happy birthday to Megaera Black and Ceciley Fortescue! Here's your cake--hope you'll share!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hufflepuff Quiz #3 - and the winner is...

One of the Slytherins "borrowed" the sorting hat from the Deputy Headmistress so that we could pick a winner for the 3rd Hufflepuff quiz. Congratulations
Penelope Willow !

Some of the Hufflepuffs thought they could skip doing their homework last week. Professor Hagrid is a nice guy but he is NOT a pushover, and a certain head girl especially should know better than to taunt him! Ferula Finnigan, please report to Mr. Filch's office for detention. You will be spending the next couple of nights cleaning snake guts and gore from the hallway leading to the Hufflepuff Common room. The Hufflepuffs seem to be expelling the snakes from the common room, and some of the first years haven't gotten them all the way out of the castle....

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Don't forget that all hats for S.P.E.W. will be do by the Swaps end. Please click the SPEW link to the left for any and all information on the charities your hats will go to.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Oh wait, that's me...
Happy Birthday to me...

Another Ravenclaw House Quiz

Please get their quills and parchment out. It's time for another House Quiz and another prize to an intelligent resourceful Ravenclaw. You may have to spend some long hours in the library doing some late night research.

Below are some quotes taken entirely from Order of the Phoenix. I would like you to identify who spoke each.

1. It's changing out there. Just like last time. There's a storm coming, Harry. And we all best be ready when she comes.

2. Dumbledore's Army was about doing something real. Or was that all just words to you?

3. Dementors in Little Winging? Whatever next? The whole world's going topsy-turvy.

4. The mind is not a book, to be opened at will and examined at leisure. Thoughts are not etched on the inside of skulls, to be perused by an invader. The mind is a complex and many-layered thing.

5. Face it, Petunia. Our boy has gone lumpy.

6. You're a fool, Harry Potter, and you will lose everything.

7. Practicing is good, but there's something else that's even more important: believing in yourself. Look at it this way: every wizard in history has started out as nothing more than we are now -- students. If they can do it, why not us?

8. I WILL have order!

9. When are you going to get it into your head? We're in this together.

10. When all this is over we'll be a proper family, you'll see.

11. That's right. Anyway, my mum always said things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end. If not always in the way we expect.

12. You may not like him, Minister, but you can't deny: Dumbledore's got style.

13. Who wants to watch me take off Snivelly's trousers?

14. One person can't feel all that, they'd explode!

15. They're very clean, these Muggles. It's unnatural.

16. How dare you speak his name! YOU FILTHY HALF BLOOD!

17. Just because you can use magic now does not mean you have to whip your wands out for everything.

18. Did you actually believe, or are you truly naive enough to think that children stood a chance against us? I'll make this simple, Potter. Give me the prophecy now, or watch your friends die.

19. You sort of start thinking anything's possible if you've got enough nerve.

20. Ah, I thought we might hit this little snag. You seem to be laboring under the delusion that I am going to -- what is the phrase? -- come quietly.

Good luck! You will have until midnight PST on Saturday to post your answers.

House Quiz Winner

Once again the names of all Ravenclaws completing the House Quiz were put in the Goblet of Fire. I waited patiently until the name of the worthy winner exploded forth.

Congratulations to...........