Monday, May 12, 2008

Daily Prophet, Issue 5

Mailing Requirements
All U.S. residents are required to purchase Delivery Confirmation for your packages. You MUST send me the confirmation number after mailing your package. If you live in another country and are able to get some type of tracking information for your package this will suffice.

Those that email me with their confirmation numbers by July 11th will earn 5 points each for their House.

U.S. Flat Rate Boxes
Hopefully many of you know about this option, which the postal service provides. Flat Rate boxes!! Whatever you can fit into this box will only cost you $9.80 to ship, plus your Certified Mail or Certificate of Mailing fees. The joy of it is that you can get the boxes from the postal service for free. You can either order them online or visit your local postal site and request them in person. I hear that they also have a flat rate box for $12.95.

Prefect Assignments
Just so that you are aware of how we've structured things this term. Everyone has a house prefect assigned to them. This prefect will assign house quizzes, respond to questions that you may have, and act as the go-between between myself and the deputy head mistress. You will also have a prefect assigned to you that might not be in your house. The later prefect is the one that sent you your spoiler/spoilee assignments. This prefect will be the one that will be doing participation check ups if she receives a no-contact complaint from your spoiler. She will also be the one that does all the end-of-swap follow up.

Hogwarts Happenings
Over the next few days, hopefully, I will get the chance to visit some of your blogs, but in case I don't please feel free to use the comments of this post to bring particular blogs to my attention.

Hogwarts: A History II


Minerva Kwikspell said...

Postage prices went up on the 12th. The new Flat Rate prices are $9.80 and $12.95 respectively. However if you use the Click N Ship on the USPS website, you get a discounted price, as well as free delivery confirmation. :)

Jenean said...

Thank you, Minerva!