Sunday, May 11, 2008

Daily Prophet, Issue 4

Good day, students!

A few things of note this morning!

HSKS 5 Webring
We have a webring or blog ring, if you will! Please note the link to your left. The ring is a little different than the one we used for the previous swap, but you should be able to join the ring with no problems.

Most, if not all, of you should have heard from your prefects about who your swap partners are. If you haven't heard from either your spoiler or spoilee by Friday, May 16th, please inform your prefects of the matter.

Announcement List
Please remember to join the announcement list. If I should need to make announcements to all of Hogwarts this would be the best way for me to do it. Currently there are 64 members registered.

What's In The Kit?
What should be in your partners kit? We will stick to the theme of a 'kit,' so that means that even if their handmade item is something other than a bag, you will still send all of the below items:

A Handmade (by you!) item
This could be a bag, a scarf, or a journal.

New Knitting Needles
The type you send will depend on what type your pal likes and what the pattern calls for that you are sending in the kit.

A Knitting Accessory
A tape measure, stitch markers, row markers, or a row counter.

A Pattern
This could be a pattern for socks, a bag or a scarf

Depending on what type of pattern you send you should send yarn to match. For example, if you are sending your pal a kit to make a bag, then send him/her yarn, needles, and a pattern to match.

Hogwarts Happenigs
This section of the Daily Prophet offers a story line for us to follow. Many times I will post about things in this section that will allow you to respond via your blogs. If you don't understand now, that's okay. Just watch the blogs of some of the returning students and I'm sure you'll catch on in no time.

For today I am posting the new class list and introducing a new professor for the Defense Against the Dark Arts class.

First Year Classes
Second Year Classes
Same classes as first years, but you may choose to also take one or two of the following:Third Year Classes
These are the same as the second year classes.

New Professor

Professor Cornelius Lufkin

More to come on our new professor later. First impressions are always welcomed.

Hogwarts: A History
Now, we shall commence with a short lesson.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Professor Cornelius Lufkin = HOT!

Emma Gorodok said...

can't wait to meet the new professor...

And I really loved the history lesson

Queen Frysia said...

History lesson was great! Love the new professor, but love Snape even more!

Heather said...

Great lesson! I had no idea the founder of Slytherin was so good looking!

Fortescue said...

WOW. Cornelius Lufkin. Loved the lesson Headmistress.

Penelope of Flitwick said...

Very nice lesson head mistress. It should be a great year for the defense against the dark arts huh. Bet it will be my best subject ;)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... Wow?

Morrighan said...

HELLO Professor Lufkin!

I think I might need some tutoring in... wait what subject are you teaching again? That one. Yeah. *blush*


Ariadne said...

Mmm, my founder's HOT! Mmmm. Also, I am looking forward to the new professor... he's good looking as well!

K Johnston said...

Is joining the web ring also a requirement for the sock swap?