Sunday, May 18, 2008

Daily Prophet, Issue 10

If you are experiencing temperatures under 85 degrees can you please send some of your weather my way??? California has been in the triple digits for the last 3 days!! Ugh!! Believe me, when it's winter I'm in heaven.

Contacting your Spoilee/Spoiler
This term we've added this as a stipulation to remaining in the swap. Why? Because some people had chosen not to contact their partners during the swap. This results in extreme nervousness on the part of the spoiler and the spoilee. Everyone wants to make sure that their packages will be received and that they will receive a package. If they do not hear from you the angst begins. Not only is there angst on their parts, but on the parts of myself and the prefects as well.

So, with that said. If your partners do not see hide nor hair from you within a 14 day period, running from Sunday to Saturday, you will be dropped from the swap. Sometimes there are extenuating circumstances, but if we don't know about them we can't help you.

Delivery Confirmation
I'm not sure if I made a blatant statement concerning this requirement yet or not. I know there have been mentions here and there, but I want to make sure that you know that Delivery Confirmations are required for those living in the States and for those that are able to acquire one for their packages. Not only will you receive house points for sending me the delivery confirmations before July 11th, but you'll also receive DA points.

Hogwarts Happenings
This week many of the first years tried their hand at the Forgetfulness Potion. This potion is required for the final exam and Professor Crispin Black thought that he would get started early on teaching this lesson. Some of the second years, however, decided to slip a little of the Forgetfulness Potion into his morning coffee because they didn't want him to remember THIS incident or the fact that he secretly had the hots for Miss Mandy, who we all know left for the States with Sir Helving von Humperdink. He was rather depressed that she left and seemed to have forgotten all about him, but a man must move on, right?

Miss Wartbobble only hoped that none of the students would take it themselves and forgot all about the Beginning of the Year Feast set for Monday, May 19th!!


CentyB said...

Thank you for your post, and the most magnificent image of Professor Black. I hope it does not make me appear unprofessional (though the swoon might). It diminishes the reminder of the losses of Miss Finch-Fletchley and Prof Humperdink.

:flips back to main post to gaze at McPotions:

Ariadne said...

Ohh Professor Black....

Oh! Sorry, yes, great post!

::goes back to dazing at Professor Black::

Cassandra Puddlemere said...

P.S. the video is up and running again for anyone who wanted to see. Just ignore the little message at the top of the video