Sunday, May 18, 2008

Daily Prophet, Issue 9 - House Points & DA Edition!

House Points

House points earned can lead one of the houses to winning the Quidditch Cup at the end of the swap. These points are earned individually, but count towards your team - your house. Not completing the tasks needed to earn house points can cost your house the Quidditch Cup.

House points that can be earned are:

Early House Points - HSKS Advertisement by May 9th ~ 5 pts.
Linking Logo in the Sidebar by May 17th~ 5 pts.
Posting Weekly ~ 5 pts.
Quidditch Trivia ~ 20 pts.
Quidditch Picture Scavenger Hunt ~ 5 pts.
Finding the Snitch ~ 150 pts.
Emailing me Your Delivery Confirmation
Before July 11th - 10 pts.
Sending more than one package ~ 5 pts.

Dumbledore's Army

This is a way to receive a rating in HSKS. It will show other swappers what type of swapper you are. Are an "Acceptable" swapper, one that "Exceeds Expectations," or are you a swapper that is "Outstanding?"

The points earned in Dumbledore's Army can overlap the House Points that can be earned, but they are points that are yours and yours alone that will earn you one of the title's mentioned above.

DA points are earned as such:

These points can be earned each week
Posting Weekly ~ 5 pts.
Communicating with your spoilee weekly ~ 5pts.

These points can only be earned once
Including something specific to your pals likes in their package ~ 10 pts.
Completing the handmade portion by July 2nd. ~ 10 pts.
Mailing your package early - by July 11th. ~ 20 pts.
Sending all that is required in the package ~ 10 pts.
Sending more than one package ~ 5 pts.

Acceptable = 50 - 60 pts.
Exceeds Expectations = 65 - 80 pts.
Outstanding = 85 pts. or more

How will we know that you are contacting your partner? Well, we certainly do not have the time to check everyone's comments to make sure that they are contacting their partner, but it is a requirement to contact your partner at least once in a 14 day period. If you haven't contacted your partner in some way (commenting on blog posts, emailing, sending an e-card, or bumping into them in the common room), it will be up to your partner to contact your prefect to let them know. When we discover that there has been no contact the DA points will be adjusted.


Queen Frysia said...

What about having your handmade item done by July 2?

Jenean said...

Oh, yeah!!!!! Thank ye!

Fiera Firenze said...

So do we all start with positive points and then get demerits if these things don't happen? How does this work? I don't get it...

Jenean said...

You start with 0 points and earn points as you go.

Fiera Firenze said...

Yes, but how will you know then whether or not we are doing the things listed for DA? Are we supposed to blog about them, or put them on School of Swap, or what? As you mentioned, there is not enough time to check everyone's blogs...

knitting by kaae eller bare Charlotte said...

part of my handmade item is already shiped of with my dear owl Rucoela he is flying the fastest he can from denmark to GB.