Tuesday, May 27, 2008

And Now for the cake

:: throws Queenie off the stage:: You're making my ears bleed!
Now Dearest Esmie, I would have put candles on the cake but I couldn't get the proper fire permits. Where would you like to start?


Queen Frysia said...

You DARE throw Queen Frysia the Fierce off the stage?!?!?! OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!

::runs and tells Arabella that Cass is being a bully again::

Esmerelda Beanswallow aka Carma said...

::doin' the birthday dance::
Don't fight, ladies! The stage is MINE!!!!

A bit of badger, a soup├žon of Slytherin, a grain of Gryffindor and a ration of Ravenclaw. Everyone dig in!

And thanks for making me grin, I feel lower than whale dung!

Arabella Moody said...

the ravenclaw tastes like chicken!! That dang badger was awfully chewy and the gryff, dont evevget me started.

Now girls!! No fighting. I'll whip out my 'torture in the potions chamber' list. :)


Gryffinitter said...

Arabella, don't go getting kinky on us, now!

Where did that MAHVUHLUS cake come from?????

Abigail Zinevra said...

I love the cake!!!

Daisy Finnigan said...

That is a SWEET cake! Looks delicious, too...

K Johnston said...

What an amazing cake! I think that putting candles into it would be a shame and a waste of art.

Much better to have them levitate around or above them, don't you think?

Happy Happy Birthday, Esmerelda!!

Ophelia Crookshanks said...

Happy Birthday Esmie-

That is one FINE looking cake! I wonder how well it will go with you.

::picks up a piece of the puff side and chucks it at Cass:: Now you can really have a piece of it.

:ducks for cover and makes a run for the fire grate:

Esmerelda Beanswallow aka Carma said...

FOOD FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Arabella Moody said...

he he! food fight!
just don't waste the pumpkin juice, butterbeer or fire whiskey! :)

Cassandra Puddlemere said...

::wingardium leviosa::

::flicks wand at esmie, ara and O and cake goes flying::