Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Daily Prophet, Issue 17

Hello, everyone!! Yes, I'm alive. Life is just busier than ever. You can read about my Stitch & Pitch experience on the 'ole muggle blog. My daughter and I had fun :)

What a lovely game!!! I am glad that so many had such a great time! It was fun setting up all the clues. Do look for a change in the next Snotch Hunting, though. Must change things up a bit to keep that game interesting, right? The neat thing is that all the houses are so close in number that, if the snitch is found by any other house, it is still possible to win the overall Quidditch Tourney. So, keep your spirits up, everyone! Your house could still take the trophy!

Dueling Club
This is turning out to be such fun! I am quite surpised that we already have one from the sock bracket that have moved on to the next round. Yay!!

Just a little FYI ~ Round Two for the hat bracket will begin once the next two duelers make it to the next round. Same goes for the sock bracket. When we have a clear victor for each duel that has moved on to the next round everyone will begin the next round together.

The next pattern will be different from the last.

Hogwarts Happenings
With the first round of Quidditch behind us all of the students have been awarded with a trip to Hogsmeade this weekend. What is your favorite establishment in Hogsmeade?

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