Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What's Your Patronus?

In my close work with DADA Professor Lufkin, he has expressed concern that students at Hogwarts are not proficient when it comes to conjuring their Patronuses. He can get very frustrated and irate when his lessons aren't taken seriously, when students do not understand the importance of DADA..and he is a wee bit frightening when he's upset!

I think if we all post our Patronuses to our blogs as soon as possible, we can avoid an unhappy professor (and make my job easier! Taming the wild beast can be very exhausting.) Let's show him just how talented we at Hogwarts truly are! Madam Headmistress, dear Professor Lufkin would even like you to conjure your Patronus and prove to him that you are worthy of your lofty position. I know, I know...he's sometimes harsh and unyielding, but I can handle it.


Lavender Diggory-Dolohov said...

If I fail to accomplish this task, do I get extra one-on-one time with Professor Lufkin, I mean detention? Oh that would be a shame!! I am a very bad girl!

Cecilia said...

Ooh, I found mine! It took a few practices, and of the preliminary quizzes we took in class to get an idea, my patronus was WAY different than we expected!!! How fun! Posted on my blog.

Anonymous said...


wow , It's a Lion ...

Bye Dementors ,
This Lions on the loose !