Saturday, July 5, 2008

Narcissa Shrivelfigs, you are THE. BEST.

A rather tired old owl stopped by my room this morning, looking less decrepit than I expected from descriptions I'd heard! Perhaps he was really old, but the package he had clutched in his claws more than made up for it with its beauty!

I'll be sure to post pictures on my blog just as soon as I've finished up some homework this afternoon! I'm sure you'll see that this kit definitely deserves a STRONG nomination for Best Kit! And Most Thoughtful! And Best Tailored To Spoilee! And Awesomest! And Best Smile Brought To Face On Otherwise Crappy Day!

Can you tell I love my kit? :D

(Oh, and Narcissa, it's totally our little secret that you brought some cheer into my week. I won't tell anyone how nice you really are, especially for a Slytherin!)

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