Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Dumbledore's Army - update

Just a refresher...
Acceptable = 110 - 125 pts.
Exceeds Expectations = 130 - 145 pts.
Outstanding = 150 pts or more

Since we have 4 weeks left of the swap, there are 20 not-yet-available points for blogging and 20 for contacting your spoilee. Therefore,
anyone "On the Way to an A" has 110 - 40 = 70 pts
anyone "On the Way to an E" has 130 - 40 = 90 pts
anyone "On the Way to an O" has 150 - 40 = 110 pts

If you think you deserved more points that you have listed, please email me at lavackerly at gmail dot com and I'm happy to sort it out with you.

On their way to an Acceptable Badge...
Abigail Zinerva
Avada Abraxam
Belladonna Boomslang
Morgana Black
Ophelia Ballycastle
Penelope of Flitwick

Clidonia Acromantula
Ferula Vector
Penelope Willow
Ursula Longbottom

Agatha Ackerly
Allitrya Spelling
Cecilia Kettleburn
Emma Ravenclaw
Ingrid ze Insightful
Stuart Cauldwell

Ariadne Malfoy
Catriona Lestrange
Ceciley Fortescue
DanAzraella Daemonova
Emma Gorodok
Madam Ferula McGonagall
Matilda Edgecombe
Perenelle Cauldwell

On their way to an Exceeds Expectations Badge...
Cassandra Grubby-Plank
Celestina Densaugeo
Jalanna Kedavra
Laeita Khandylle Haxloeffen-Barnoell
Lavender Durmstrang

Antonio dela Weasley
Arae Hydra
Calliope Candleworth
Daisy Chang
Elanor Wigworthy
Electra the Enchanting
Kaaelana Lassanda Allianda
Lavender Ackerly
Lily Clearwater
Madam Ferula Finnegan

Agatha Vablatsky
Daisy Finnigan
Elanor Cadogan
Emma Diggory
Emma Scrimgeour
Minerva Kwikspell
Miranda Moonstone
Olive Bladvak
Ophelia Hopkirk

Andromeda Finch-Fletchley
Arabella Moody
Enid Black
Esmerelda Beanswallow
Lily of Flitwick
Lucretia Plunkett
Ophelia Crookshanks

On their way to an Outstanding Badge...
Calliope Smethwyck
Fiera Firenze
Lady Felula the Forgetful
Lizzie Wychwood
Millicent Brocklehurst
Rowena Bladvak

Emerald Rosmerta
Emma Kettleburn
Fleur Dolohov
Selena Starfire

Andromache Tonks
Emma Wigworthy
Patonga Pinkstone
Wisteria Lovegood

Bella Shacklebolt
Cassandra Puddlemere
Daisy Scrimgeour
Enna Kirts
Lavender Diggory-Dolohov
Megaera Black
Narcissa Shrivelfigs
Perpetua Phoenixfire
Queen Frysia

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