Thursday, July 17, 2008


When I returned to my dorm room last evening, exhausted after a long hard day of helping Professor Lufkin grade parchments and extracredit DADA practice, I discovered a very tired little owl ensnared in some of Fleur's peacock feathers. Poor little thing...I rescued it and gave it something to eat and drink before my eyes fell on the corner of a box addressed to me sticking out from under my bed. I can only guess that when the little owl found itself held prisoner in peacock feathers that it dropped the box and I most likely kicked it when I hurried to free the little guy.

Anyway, once the owl was safe I ripped into the package and discovered a wonderful swap kit from my spoiler, Catriona Lestrange. I can't wait to share the things she spoiled me with! I love it all. I will take photos and post them to my blog this evening.

Thank you, Catriona!! I'm very pleased.

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