Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Am Home!!!!

YAY!! And I got my package! :D Tee hee

Here's some pics:

Thanks Enid Black! The quality of the handmade goods was astounding! And the yarn is divine.


Penelope of Flitwick said...

I love the colors looks like silk!

CentyB said...

Welcome back, Fiera! And that bag is gorgeous -

Ophelia Ballycastle said...

oh amazing! Great package your pal did a wonerful job. You think she'll make me a bag if she has any extras left?

Gryffinitter said...

O. My. Godric!

Not just a bag, but a bag, and two cases, and a box of some sort and two journals????


Belladonna Boomslang

Fiera Firenze said...

Yeah, it's a photo box and a photo album and a journal! I am so stoked because now I have places to put all my pics from Mexico! lol